Maelstrome sat on the edge of the ruined tower and stared across the waves at the nothingness beyond. Her thoughts jumped around, as they were wont to do. They were, after all, the thoughts of several. 

That went well. It’s good to know we can still trust the Lightbreaker. 

Can we? She’s holding back information from her own people. How much more for us?

True. But they seemed genuine. There were certainly no signs of stress. Except the bear. She seemed nervous. 

Don’t call them bears. And you know she had good reason. 

Yes, true enough. Speaking of orcs, what did we make of Akhania?

Seemed to get on well. Gentle spirit, for an orc. 

Now hold…

Oh, don’t get your tusks out of line. You know what I mean. 

He seemed a little confused about the issues. Perhaps his Common isn’t as good as it seems?

To be fair, it was the Lightmaker who brought up Kanta, though it surely should have been obvious we weren’t trying to rehash old issues. That did confuse the issue some.

That is a minor red beacon. Perhaps she thought there was no one left of the Blood and the new people were just hearing about old news ignorantly. 

I suppose. Still…

And what of Sinual?

She arrived late yet seemed to have a good grasp of the situation quickly. 

Indeed. She seems smart and capable. But we don’t really know, do we?

Not at all, nor of Akhania. That is why we have been presented with the perfect situation.

Situation? For what?

For finding new leadership for the Blood. We are it, for now, but we cannot continue this way. People already view us askance; we cannot risk people thinking the Blood is run by an insane elf. Especially after Garrosh’s stampeding rule. So, we take a step back. We watch. Will these two be up to the challenge? Or will they buckle under the stress? 

They do seem to make a good team; they balance each other well. 

Aye. All right, then. Akhania and Sinual. Let’s see what you’re made of.  

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