Zetera finds herself hanging around Westguard more frequently as she got more comfortable around the Templars. Taking time away from the endless battle against the Legion has helped to control her inner demon. It has also allowed her to keep an eye on everyone, particularly the injured or recovering who are vulnerable. She didn�t want to take the chance that the Legion might use them as an easy target to use as leverage against the Templars.

However, most would not notice Zetera wandering about as she tried to stay off to the side, quiet and reserved. Well, unfortunately�or maybe fortunately depending on perspective, this did not last for her. A few people started to take an interest in her. Although the reasons varied, Zetera found herself socializing and getting to know members of the Templars.

The most obvious of these is another Demon Hunter who also joined the Templars. Her name is Anachkyree, or just Ana as most people seem to call her. Odd, eccentric, inappropriate, and extremely suggestive in personality. Ana has always showed some interest in Zetera but it didn�t seem much different than how she was with others. Recently, it has increased as part of her knowing more about Zetera. Of course, a promise Zetera made to go on a date with her helped in her interest. Since then it has become a new experience for Zetera, and one she never saw coming.

At first, Zetera was just trying to help Ana focus and was willing to humor her with the idea of a date. She never gave much thought to all of it because Ana didn�t seem like the type to take such a thing seriously. But the more she spends time around Ana, the more she proves that idea wrong and even has started to grow on Zetera. The belt and flower Ana gave her actually made her reconsider her thoughts on Ana. Maybe this is worth a shot, even if she�s a bit on the weird side, Zetera would think. Of course, maybe that was part of why she was becoming more interested, she wanted to really know who Ana is. The real question would be if Ana could handle any form of monogamous relationship because Zetera was not big on the idea of threesomes.

Another recent interest Zetera had was more academic and less focused on her as a person. A High Elf mage named Kage approached Zetera after having helped restore the tattoos of a Demon Hunter named Ryo. She was curious to know more about the tattoos so she could be able to help if ever this became an issue again. This was also similar to the Pandaren that once approached Zetera to poke at her tattoos but Zetera realized this was far more focused on the actually creation and maintenance of the tattoos. Zetera agreed to let Kage examine her tattoos closely, it never really bothered her because she was never ashamed of what she was. Eventually this would become a more in-depth discussion of whether this could be replicated or possibly even reversed. This was beyond what Zetera knew of how the tattoos worked but she said she could help Kage find other Demon Hunters willing to let her look over their tattoos.

After helping Kage as much as Zetera could, she told Kage to reach out to Ana, who would be more than willing to let an attractive-looking High Elf examine her all over. This was partially Zetera joking around and because she knew Ana would be the easiest one to get to show off their tattoos. Even better was the fact that Zetera witnessed the meeting and may have actually found it quite entertaining.

Zetera went back to her duties fighting the Legion but at one point she stopped and paused. She removed a note from her pocket given to her by Ana, it was a list for their date. She looked at the piece paper and smiled before putting it back in a pouch. She went back to her usual day but somehow, she seemed to be different, as if she had found something that made her see the world differently.

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