It took exactly one day after Aedeminar’s arrival at the camp before her druid nature overtook her.

“Do not over hunt the local area,” She scolded one poor, beleaguered soul as he headed out to look food to sustain the encampment. “Go east, we have not been over there as much.”

“You!” She pointed at someone else, dropping off a bundle of herbs. “You were picking too much from the same little valley! Cut it out!”

“How did you–“

“I WAS WATCHING,” Mina said firmly, pointing at her eyes.

“But I didn’t see–“

Mina shifted to bird form and stared at them until they slunk off, abashed.

Only Jamethera was immune, and that largely because when Mina started in on her after a meat delivery, the hunter just clapped a hand over her friend’s mouth. “I know how to hunt, you overzealous git. Now stop, or I’ll sic Jander on you.”

Mina was calm for about ten minutes, distracted by petting Schneeflocke.

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