“Demons really did a number on your house.” Mina put her hands on her hips and contemplated the repairs they’d made. “Still, I think this is good.”

A house in Gadgetzan was not where you’d imagine a Kaldorei hunter would want to live. And indeed, Jamethera bitched about it often and at length. Some things were tolerated (albeit barely) for love, however.

Jamethera came up behind Mina and companionably wrapped her arms around her. “Did you really import a bunch of wood from Ashenvale to do the interior walls?”

“Yes!” Mina glanced up at Jam and beamed. “I did. I cannot build you a treehouse here, but I can do other things.”

“It’s a little jarring to step into what suddenly feels like a log cabin, though,” Illyana observed, making slow circles of their living room.

“Sure beats the beige hellscape,” Jam muttered.

“You are the one who asked a Kaldorei to live in a desert,” Mina said, waggling her  finger at Illy. “I am going to try to make it cozier for her! We are still far from done, of course. But I figured it would be nice to not have half of your house staved in the entire time we are fighting the Legion. We will finish it when we get back.”

“Thank you, Mina.” Jamethera spun the druid around for a kiss. “I appreciate your handiwork, as always.”

“Are you kissing on my wife and not including me?” Illy paused in her inspection to shoot a mock frown their way.

“Excuse me, she started it, and what do you mean WIFE?” Mina stepped back to gape at Jamethera. “Did you two sneak off and get married WITHOUT ME?”

“Without anyone, to be fair!” Jamethera pulled Mina back into a hug, mostly to keep herself from being thwacked. “I just, you know. The Legion. Off to war again. I’ve already lost her once, okay? It was a spur of the moment thing. I needed to do it.”

Illy scooped them both into a hug. She was huge for a human warrior, so it wasn’t too hard for her to get her arms around one lean huntress and one diminutive druid. “No being mad, you two! It really was just sort of spur of the moment. We didn’t even have rings until after the fact.”

“Okay,” Mina muttered into Jamethera’s chest, mollified. “You are forgiven.” She pulled away from the hug reluctantly. “I should get going, though. You two be safe, when you go. And do not worry Jam! I will be careful too. I have to keep an eye on Jander, remember? So I will not be charging into dangerous things alone!”

Jamethera groaned. “If I lose both of you-“

“Ssssh.” Mina kissed her back into silence, much to Illy’s amusement. “Ssh. It will be okay. We will try to stick to other Templars company, too. It will be fine, and we will come back and finish your house and make it all pretty. Okay? Okay.” The druid imperiously gestured Illy down for a kiss too, just so she wasn’t left out. “Now I have to go steal a pie from Ambrosine’s to make Jaffar frown at me. All of this carpentry work and bossing around goblin work crews made me hungry. Be well, you two.” And she darted out the door.

“Never changes with the sudden departures, does she.”

“No,” Jamethera said, smiling faintly. “Nor the pie stealing, apparently.”

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