((Note: Lyestra appears in this post and so, uh, there is Language ahead. Also yes, I have too many alts and yes, many of them are tied together and no, I regret nothing.))

Mina walked into the tree house laughing and shaking twigs from her hair. “We need to tell Jander about the squirrel,” she called over her shoulder to the shaman behind her.

The draenei woman shook her head, smiling. “I told you not to feed him. He was a pest the entire time we were working. Do you know how hard it is to soothe an elemental when there is a squirrel on your head, Mina dear?”

“If you’re distracted by a squirrel on your head, then I have bad news for you, Unaara, should you dip your hooves in combat again-” Mina gripped the stair railing and tried to peer upstairs to the library. “Jander? Hmm. I wonder if he’s still working.”

“I fussed at him last time he worked too much. It’s your turn.” Unaara set her shield and mace down and went to the kitchen to make tea.

“Pretty sure it’s Jamethera’s turn, actually.” Mina muttered under her breath as she fished out the correct comm stone. “Jander? Jaaaaander.” She paused, frowning. “He said something about an important letter, but…”

Unaara’s hands stilled. As Mina tried again, changing radios, the kettle was slowly set aside. By the time the druid was asking for ‘Jandy’ and not Jander, a sure sign that things had gone sideways, Unaara had picked her weapons up again.

“Where was he last?”

Mina tucked the stone away in her pockets and looked up, mouth settling into a firm line. “I can think of a couple places. I’ll alert ‘Thera and we’ll go from there.”

A long day was about to get longer.
Jamethera pounded on her sister’s door. “LY. I know you’re home.” When no one answered, she growled and climbed up to the second floor, shimmying through an open window. “Lyestra! I’m not fucking around, where the-” After descending the stairs into the living room, she recoiled, throwing her arms up over her face. “LY.”

“You may not be fucking around but we are,” Hazard, Ly’s husband, said.

Lyestra cackled.

Jamethera hissed. “Elune’s tits, Ly! Haven’t the two of you been married long enough that you can at least make it to the bedroom?”

“You broke into my house. Don’t complain about what you find when you do.”

“And no,” Hazard added. “We haven’t.” It might be noted that activities hadn’t ceased in the slightest, a fact Jamethera discovered when she risked peeking through her fingers.

“It’s important!”

“I’m retired. I don’t care.”

“Jander’s missing and Mina’s asking for help. Don’t give me that retired bullshit, either of you. You’ve unretired four times already.”

“Four and a quarter times,” Lyestra said with a sigh. The battered old warrior disentangled from her husband and walked over towards the armor stands. “Alright, fine. Senior Westfall Fuckwit, get up, and let’s go help find Junior Westfall Fuckwit. You can stop hiding your eyes now, Jam.”

Jamethera risked a peek and hissed again. “You’re still naked. Stop that. I swear you guys hear me coming and get buy just to make me want to stab my eyes out.”

“We only did that twice,” Haz said, trying to find where he’d mislaid his shield.

“It’s amazing we’ve never walked in on you and Illy,” Ly said.

“I’m careful for that to never happen, because she’d ask you to join in and that’s MORE awkward.”

“She would?” Haz didn’t even bother to duck his wife’s punch, or to finish the sentence that would have earned it. They were just that married.

When Jamethera was finally convinced that one (1) Kaldorei warrior and one (1) human paladin were actually ready to go, she turned and lead the way. “I hate you both. Let’s go.”

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