Sometime after the mission, Sinual takes a short rest at Westguard to gather her thoughts about the mission.

The day is over and the mission is a success. What a mess it became, though. Why is it that all of these villains have mind affecting abilities lately? The whole mission went so easily that I�m concerned it was all just a mind game.

The enemy�s minions were felled easily and an even worst enemy ended up being our own minds. By the graces of the Light, I was able to resist the visions and insanity. I can only imagine the horrors the others saw. I was able to free the one called Kory, but not before she tried to break my skull. Thankfully, she did not succeed.

The end of the mission still bothers me. Why did Sielic allow me to run him through? It was too easy and my attack wasn�t exactly hidden. I should be glad we saved the Justicar and the children, but it doesn�t feel right.

Sielic was locked away in the Violet Hold, hopefully that will be enough. I doubt he will underestimate me the next time; that advantage will be lost. I�m just glad I was able to help make the mission a success.

I will likely be staying at Westguard for a while to relieve Templars who need a rest. Hopefully, other Bloods will join me here as well. This place still needs a lot of repairs after the damage the traitors did to it. The Templars� people will need all the rest they can get. Now we must look back to the conclusion of the Tribunal.

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