Maelstrome sat on top of the ruined tower, feet dangling over the crumbled parapet, eyes gazing over the abandoned remains of the town. Built by the combined effort of members of both the Alliance and Horde, Tranquility’s Watch had been meant to be a symbol of what could be, what peace would look like. It hadn’t lasted even half a decade. 

She might have been lonely had she not had the company of her multiple selves. Instead, she was irritated. Living in close proximity to a group of people gets wearying after a time, and there was no way for any of them to step out to get fresh air.

With a sigh, Mael shifted her position. Memories percolated, cherished faces long gone. The war had been devastating to the Blood; only a handful had lived through the fighting on Old Draenor. There would have been a lot of blame to go around had there been anyone left to cast it. Soon they would begin again, the new guard picking up after the old. The network was still in place; she had reconnected as soon as she got back to Azeroth. They wouldn’t have to start from complete scratch. But it would take years to rebuild the Blood to what it once had been. 

Still, a forest fire isn’t an absolute evil. The ground had been swept clear, leaving room for new growth. They could learn from the harsh lessons of the past, build on a steadier foundation. Perhaps the glory days of the Blood were still to come. Perhaps…

She climbed to her feet and whistled for Ossis, and together they flew away from Tranquility’s Watch’s crumbling corpse. The past was past. Time to look to the future.

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