Three Orcish Shamans gather in an unknown location. These shamans look quite different from what you would traditional expect. One stands out the most and has a larger presence about him. They huddle around a fire and chat amongst themselves. Every so often they look back at the entrance as if waiting for someone.

�Can this truly be all? There used to be many of us.� One of the smaller two ask.

�More will come, they are likely avoiding attention as I requested and taking their time to get here.� The likely leader of the group says.

After a short time, a few more Orcs show up. All with similar shaman garb to the first three. They all find seat around the gathering place and wait for the leader to speak.

�Not as many as I had hoped but this will have to do.� He removes his hood and looks the gathered shamans. �I have brought you all here to remember our purpose, something we have been without since Garrosh fell. The Horde has become weak and it must be fixed.� He pauses a moment then makes the flames of the fire in to the shape of Ogrimmar. �But sometimes, in order to fix something, you must burn in to the ground and start over.�

There is a mixture of grumbles and cheering in the crowd. One of the less enthusiastic shamans steps forward and speaks to the leader.

�How do you propose we do such a thing? Garrosh had an army, we are barely enough to fill this room. Ogrimmar will be better prepared for a siege this time.�

The leader looks him dead in the eye. �We need no armies, the elements are our slaves and we shall do something Garrosh would have been afraid to do. The elements will crash down upon Ogrimmar without mercy, and we shall watch as the very earth it is built on rises up against them.�

The other Orc grunts. �You make it all sound so simple, but the power we would require is more than any of us here can command.�

The room has quieted and is focusing on the conversation. A few voices in the audience can be heard agreeing with the protesting Orc.

�There are old techniques, forbidden, forgotten, but not out of our reach.� The leader pulls an object from his pack. �This is the key to finding what we need, and soon we shall have the power to do what is necessary. It will grant us the power and control that only the Old Gods could offer, as it is of their creation.�

The crowd�s response is divided as many do not like the idea of using the power of the Old Gods. Others seem more intrigued to learn more of this object and the power it might offer. The leader raises his hand to calm the room.

�I know many of you will be skeptical but this is our best chance to create our world. But there is more to be done and we must search out the remaining parts to this device. Only then we will be able to destroy Ogrimmar.� He motions for the other two who had been at his side since the start. �These are my hands; they shall brief you all on what we need.�

Although some still skeptical, most fall in line as they see no alternate. Various orders are handed out, some to search out information, others to destroy those who might get in their way. Everything was being set in motion.

�All of Azeroth shall feel our might someday, and even strongest of the elements will bow to our will. This world is ours!�


((More to come but this is to get the ball rolling on our new Horde Side plot I am developing. Let me know what you think. It is definitely rough around the edges.))

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