Several Orc Shamans gather near an oasis in the Northern Barrens. Each of the Shamans are carry a large amount of supplies, comprised of several unknown objects and herbs common to many shamanistic rituals. The Orcs begin laying out the items in a specific manner being careful to make sure nothing is out of place.

“We Must be precise, the smallest error can ruin everything, we are at a critical moment in our search.” The Shaman speaking then proceeds to motion and guide the others to where everything must be placed.

Soon after the Orcs finish placing all the items in to what now look like a set of various idols. The true purpose of these idols is not apparent as they are not common among any known shamanistic ritual. Each of the newly constructed idols seem to glow in an eerie light. The Shamans each go behind one of the idols and begin to channel their power in to each of them simultaneously. After a few minutes small tremors can be felt, as time passes they increase in strength and frequency. Nearby in the Wailing Caverns the tremors have appeared to triggered something as odd noises can be heard coming from deep within.

“Yes! It is working!” One of the Shamans exclaims. “We must bend the elements to our will if we are to complete this ritual, it will take everything we have.”

The ritual outside appears to have completed as the Orcs step back and begin gathering their other unused supplies. They leave the idols in place, they are glowing more intensely than before. The Shamans make their way in to the caverns for a still unknown purpose.

“We must continue the next part below if we wish to reach this ancient power.” The Orc who has been guiding them through the ritual leads the way in to the caverns as the others follow closely behind.

The Orc Shamans begin their descent in to the caverns carrying enough supplies for some dark ritual. The true intent of these rituals is still unknown but it is clear that it is something dangerous they are playing with. The sounds from early begin to increase in volume as the Orcs continue the process of obtaining the power they are after.

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