Riathan sat outside the bunkhouse, the tired paladin’s gaze traveling among all the people that passed by. 

Most were unfamiliar. There were few that were. His mind drifted in a wandering haze. He ran a hand through 

his long hair, longer than it’d ever been. At least as far as he could remember. Some of his past was gone to him 

now. Days long past and forever swept away by his long journey. If anyone had asked him where he’d been since 

the Cataclysm, he honestly couldn’t say. He remembered fragments at best. Bits and pieces of actions that

 may or may not have been his own. Days came where he remembered entire weeks that had been lost him, 

obscured by mist before, and then seemingly as blinding as the sun. Was it the Light? Trying to piece together

 the trauma of a broken mind? Broken was how he felt, like he wasn’t whole, like pieces of him were missing.

He finally had returned to the Templars in one of those blinding moments of clarity, remembering his old purpose

and friends. He was just glad he was able to find them so quickly. Now if he could find the rest of himself.

(Slight Disclaimer, this journal is a way for me to try and reposition and reset Riathan a little bit, as it has been 

-literal- years since I’ve last roleplayed him with the Templars. My goal is to use this as an opportunity for him 

to move past old continuity for him and let him have a sort of fresh slate for meeting new people!)

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