The halls of Ironforge were as vast as ever, and on a day like today with a blizzard roaring outside, being nearby the massive forge made things even better for the Khaz Modan based populace.

A particular Dwarf had been in the old libraries for what seemed like days, perhaps even weeks. The former brew-slinging, dunkard of a bard had been studying the ways of Shamanisn for the past few years. And the woman had become quite adept at it.

Eanne Stonebottom had her face buried in an old tome, her eyes dashing across the lines quickly as they had been written, soaking in every bit of detail that lingered in the tomes. Some described to be as old as the Earthen, and some even told to be brought by the Draenei from Argus.

Eanne sat back in her chair for a brief moment, taking in a deep breath that was not lingered with the heavy dust of the pages. She had not even realized that her full mug of tea had gone cold, and untouched since she had sat down. She did not ever think that she could be this immersed in studies. It was not long ago that the woman merely woke up, drank, got into several fights, drank some more and passed out on the streets of Ironforge. 

Now she had a new purpose of learning the history of Azeroth. She was proud to have been taken in and taught the ways of a Shaman, having fully immersed her life and ways into the arts, teaching and studies of it all.

She was intent on making sure that both the history of the Azeroth, and future, would be recorded and kept safe.

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