The candles of the library flickered, wicks seeming to burn endlessly as the candles seemed as old as the mountain itself were. The wax piling up at the sides of the candles and the platforms that held them.

Ironforge, as loud as it could be at it��_s prime hours, was as silent as ever inside of the library found inside of the hollowed out mountain.

A young dwarven woman was surrounded by books stacked as high as three times her height, defying the laws of gravity as they swayed and weaved in the still air, the old leather straining as the books fought to stay upright atop of each other.

The amber eyes of the woman jumped from word to word as she scribbled and took notes in a book of her own, filling up the pages to the brim before she would turn the page to start anew. 

Eanne Stonebottom never thought a path like this would open to her. From once a girl from Kharanos that loved to brew with her family, to traveling Azeroth and getting drunk as she could, to becoming a fighter and learning to wield a real weapon, to finally having settled and taught by the Wildhammers to become a Shaman. From there she realized what knowledge was in front of her the entire time in the tomes that were not far from her home.

��_Oi! Lass! Ye��_ been here for hours.��_ One of the librarians called out, possibly as old as the dusty tome that sat in front of her was.

��_Aye, I know, I know. Jus��_ wrappin��_ a few things up. Only a few more pages, sir!��_ She looked up and over, eyes squinted and strained as the dwarven elder had a smile on his face rather than one of annoyance.

��_Bah, ye��_ have no rush lass. Ye��_ been here day in an��_ day out.��_ He said with a chuckle in the back of his throat as he sat a book on the desk in front of Eanne, even amongst the piles of books in front of her. ��_This is th��_ one ye��_ been lookin��_ fer. I had ta��_ ask a few Draenei friends fer this one. The history of Draenor an��_ their recalling of what had happened ta��_ Argus.��_ He said.

Eanne��_s eyes brightened as she marked her current place carefully in the book she had and lifted up the book in front of her, dressed with Draenic crystals on the spine and what she could only assume was made of clefthoof for the leather on the outside. ��_By th��_ mountain! Thankye��_ sir!��_ She began to open the book up to find a curious key that had been recently tucked into the first few pages. ��_Eh��_ Wot��_s this, sir?��_

The older dwarf laughed as she found the other gift he had personally made sure to give her. ��_Tha��_ key is ta��_ the room in the back, where many other books lay. Usually the librarians an��_ lorekeepers are th��_ ones to only make way into there, but I thought because ye��_ve been so studious on learnin��_, you deserve it. Could even be on th��_ right path of becomin��_ a proper lorekeeper one day, Miss Stonebottom.��_

He eyes and face showed expression of joy, like having tried a fresh new proper ale for the first time. ��_Thankye��_ sir! I won��_t let ye��_ down! I��_ll keep me studies up an��_ be sure ta��_ take care of each book! I promise an��_ make me word ta��_ aid in keepin��_ Azeroth��_s history!��_

��_Good! I��_m glad ta��_ hear such words, Miss Stonebottom. We need more young dwarves like ye��_self ta��_ keep this library afloat. Ye��_ have a good evenin��_ now, an��_ don��_t stay up too late!��_

The older dwarf smiled and nodded to Eanne, leaving the shaman to her studies.

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