( This journal contains spoilers if you have not read the World of Warcraft comic ��_Magni: Fault Lines��_. Please read that comic first before reading into this. )

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��_He��_s awoken!��_

��_The King is awake!��_

��_He has returned!��_

��_He��_s not my king!��_

��_Magni is awake!��_

��_I hear he��_s an Earthen now!��_

Eanne��_s face quickly rose from the book she had fallen asleep into, the page sticking to her face from a mixture of laying on it for the long hours, as well as a bit of drool that had seeped out from her lips. Her expression dazed and confused from having been woken up from the sudden yelling throughout the caverns of ironforge, echoing all the way into the Hall of Explorers.

��_Whatinthehell��_��_ She murmured as she pulled the page free from her cheek, muttering tiredly as she wiped her face and mouth and slid off the chair, carrying her satchel filled with many books with her.

The dwarf began to exit the libraries and peered at the massive crowd that had seemed to be gathering. Bronzebeards, Wildhammers and Dark Irons all seeming to be grouped up and speaking to one another.

��_What��_s wit��_ all the damned ruckus? I was sleepin��_.��_ Eanne yawned, walking up beside a group of Bronzebeards. One of them, which seemed to have a braided beard with all sorts of colors of fabric in them pointed towards the throne room.

��_King Magni has awaken!��_ He said, excitedly. ��_We saw him jus��_ head in there, ta��_ speak with the council of Three Hammers!��_ He nodded as Eanne could swear that everyone must have just been seeing things, Magni returning as an Earthen? Absolute nonsense!

That was her thought before the doors opened sometime later, with Dwarves of all races cheering and speaking up. There was the council of three walking through the crowd that the people of Ironforge made in respect for their leaders, with the crystallized Dwarf that resembled the shape of King Magni walking beside Moira.

��_By th��_ fuckin��_ titans.��_ She murmured under her breath, not believing this to be real. This was history, absolutely bonkers, but history!

��_I gotta tell the Templars! There’s��_ dwarves that may have not heard th��_ news!��_

She squeezed her way out from the crowd and raced on back to her home, to write this down in her notes, as well as send letter to the Justicar and Marshals of the Rose.

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