Dear Journal,

It still feels a touch awkward to write this but, I have a boyfriend now.  I knew this was an inevitable possibility once my gender was transformed, but what was always going to be a challenge was to find someone I felt compatible with in my new form as well as my old mentalities.  Enter Iphram Steelfang into the mix.  

I met Iphram at a Templars event a few months ago and he immediately began flirting with me.  That would make him approximately the 67th gnome male to hit on me since my transformation but he was the first to actually initiate a stimulating conversation about the kind of mechanical gadgets and gizmos I love discussing from time to time. 

He was also the first one I felt a physical attraction to.  The amazing thing about the attraction was the ease with which it came.  I saw him and of course replied to his flirtations but I really struggled to turn my head away.  Having done plenty of research and postulation on what I might expect as my transformation shifts more to the mental side I knew the day might come but that didn’t change the fact it caught me off guard.  

I made arrangements to meet him and talk further about our mutual attraction and was very quick to fill him in on the fact I had been born a male and was still dealing with my ever changing mental state.  To his credit he merely replied that he liked me for me and none of that bothered him.  I think this put us both at ease and we began seeing more of each other.

The other night we both agreed we wanted more from the relationship and allowed ourselves to have some fun physically.  I won’t go into the amazing details but I found a side of myself I never experienced before in life and enjoyed it very much.  He was very kind and understanding as I experienced all of that for the first time.  

Iphram is a bit of a loner and on the outs with some of his family, much like myself since the change so I think that’s where a lot of our friendship began, the need to have someone.  

He’s definitely made my ongoing struggle to accept who I now am to be much much easier.  I know if I am to find some semblance of normalcy for a future relationship and wanting kids I need to accept what my role in that would be and he makes that prospect seem a lot easier.  

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