It is hard to place where demons and the undead fall in on ethical issues. Of course, these are the sorts of undead without the full control of their will and minds, yet one must acknowledge that they were at least once people. At the same time, their existence, along with demons, is abominable, and a great many resources have been dedicated to seeing to the destruction of the Scourge and Burning Legion. These resources include gold, weaponry, food, armor, and lives.

In the essence of creating their destruction, how far is too far? Is there a person of sound mind that sympathizes with these loathsome creatures that would willing preach against their destruction? Honestly, I do not believe so. However, is there a person of sound mind that would vehemently protest against the usage of parts from slain demonic entities and Scourge to create an item to further their destruction?

It is, no doubt, a strange ethical dilemma to some, but to me, I am hardly shaken by the fact. After all, do we not slay beasts and peel their skin away to protect our own? Do we not raise our livestock in captivity, name them, and treat them as pets before we cut them down and feast upon their flesh? A great many of us are guilty of such things, myself included, but where do we draw the line?

Is it simply when a creature has the capability to speak, laugh and cry with others? Or when they are able to form abstract thoughts and create works of art? To a dog, the mud on the floor is art, and it is more than happy to show its master.

If components of my grimoire are leaked, then there will be inquiries, and I will have to form an explanation on such a blasphemous creation.

         -Planks of Maldraz

         -Flesh of a fel corrupted Eredar

         -Heart of said Eredar

         -Tree sap from Felwood

         -Remains of a Scourge minion

         -Enchanted thread

         -Wrappings of an Ethereal

         -A vial of my own blood

         -An Altar of Storms

Construction will have to begin as soon as I have all of the reagents. Simply put, they cannot be left lying around for curious minds. I certainly will not be responsible for someone getting any degree of fel corruption because they thought a pound of Eredar flesh was some sort of jerky.

For now, only myself and another know about the full details of this tome�s construction, and I am hoping it stays that way. At the same time, I wonder if I am instilling too much trust into Victor, but I cannot remain reclusive. At least not with this lot.

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