Dear journal,

Years of meticulous planning, scrimping, saving and hard work have finally paid off!  I finally possess the titansteel built beauty of a motorcycle I’ve been wanting since I was a teenager. 

The gleam of the titansteel chassis, the amazing comfort and contouring of the arctic fur seats, the detailing of cobalt bolts and elementium plating and even the way the Goblin crafted pistons hum is just sheer perfection.  

Yes I realize this is a connection to my formerly male identity but damn if it still isn’t fun.  No matter how much I strive to move on and fully embrace the woman I am now there are still things in my life that call me back towards the past. They are becoming fewer however and I know that’s a good thing.

Mom wrote me a letter the other day for my birthday, telling me how much she missed her son but that she’s so thankful she has a wonderful daughter now too and of course I bawled my eyes out.  Emotions I guess.  I’m just glad I make her proud and I am so thankful the family is so understanding of my transformation.  

She asked if I was seeing anyone and I debated whether to mention the flirtatious happenings I’ve had with Iphram.  For now I will keep her out of the loop as I just don’t feel like dealing with incessant questioning about the situation.  We’re still dealing with our own feelings about each other.  

Getting back to the new ride, I took her for a spin out to Stormheim and met up with Halonan and we began going around the area to help the Valarjar out. Having a strong reputation with them can be key to getting things done on the Broken Isles.  They usually impart gifts and trinkets after a long day of efforts and Halonan asked me if I needed anything new and I mentioned my robe collection was starting to get a bit outdated and maybe it was time for an upgrade.  

I’m thinking a Valarjar representative overheard the conversation because when I opened their cache I saw a beautifully crafted robe (Belo’Vir’s Final Stand) of the most exquisite craftsmanship lying inside.  I knew immediately this was no ordinary robe and upon trying it on I could feel the aura of power surrounding me.  Plus did I mention the robe is my favorite color purple?

So to recap, I got my dream bike AND an amazing new robe in the same day and my journey to becoming fully female is well underway.

I better end this here as Sumeri has more training to impart upon me in the ways of Frost magic.  Toodles!

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