There was no sneaking away at midnight as so many novels might have used. It was far too dramatic for her tastes, but she waited until the afternoon. At that time, everyone had been busy and so engaged that no one would paid any mind when she slipped away.

It had not been entirely silent, but she had been far above suspicion. A few waves and nods before she had left the ship as per usual. For some time she had been working on a project, but one she had kept close to her chest. Even Victor had been spared the details save for idle conversation with �what do you think if�� and �how would feel about��

Esreiella felt as if that was all she needed to reveal. Particularly with a matter that might be a slim chance or a wild rumor, but the more she dug, the more truth she found. Eventually, and after following the advice of Leguarian, she found what she had been seeking.

Of course, it required further investigation and experimentation. New samples taken in for testing and exposure until the results were to her pleasing. There was a chance nothing would work and every effort could be vain attempts laced with false hope.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, she kept telling herself even as she looked back at the ship wondering when he might find the folded letter on the table.



I�m afraid I must beg your forgiveness for deceit. Know that it was not my intent to keep information from you, but there was never a moment that I wanted to darken your spirits. When I return, I will do everything I can to make it up to you, and I promise I won�t be gone terribly long.

You�re aware of what I have been working on, and why I�m pursuing it. What I haven�t told you is how very dire my condition is, that it would warrant withholding information.

When I first transitioned in my abilities, we were careless and desperate to find a solution to fight the Legion. We went to great extremes, and it is a day I will regret until my end.

The corruption took some much quicker than we had expected, and forced us, as a coven, to implement new measures to slow the progress. For some it was too late, but there were positive results in others. It was a delay on the inevitable, and I have been the most fortunate to have made it this long. This in part due to luck and extreme care, but I have felt changes since the Legion�s arrival on such a massive scale.

I can only imagine that if I do not correct the issue, I will either fall to madness or die much sooner than I wish.

There was a time when I would have been content with the latter option, and I had often thought about an oblivion by my own hand. The fear of dying alone had been so crippling that I never followed through. Then you happened.

I have often wondered if I had truly loved anyone before I met you, and the answer is always a very solid �no�. Everything else seems like thinly veiled attempts at holding onto a fleeting hope. I�ve never felt sillier for the tears I had shed for others and resentment I have harbored from their rejection. If I should be allowed to live a thousand more years, they would not be enough to thank you and return to you the love you have shown me.

But perhaps I can buy a few more years than I have now. Maybe there is a chance to become whole again and continue to thank you even when I�ve become wizened and grey.

We will find out in a few days, my love. As long as you carry my soul, you will know that I am well, and I can only hope it�s enough to alleviate you. I will only be a few days, but until then, I will piece together my apology and miss you dearly.

With love always,


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