This is a small portion of recovered writing from a storyline long passed.  Saving it here for future access.


Truthfully, these past few months haven’t made things any easier.

We fought so hard for so long..

Only to have our world torn to pieces in an instant.

I knew the calm wouldn’t last forever after we defeated Deathwing, but how could anyone have predicted this outcome?  Forced to journey north and rebuild, just to leave a skeleton crew behind so we could venture south to the unknown continent of Pandaria.  While people try their best to remain in good spirits, some of us lost more than others.  It weighs heavily on me.

I wish there was something more I could have done.  We fought for our home and we kept it safe, only to have it ripped from our hands in an instant.  Though I’ve played it over in my mind a thousand times, all the different ways we could have changed the outcome or all of the lives we could have saved, I know there was truly nothing we could have done to change it.

I miss our fallen Templars everyday.. and I miss our home.  I miss the life we fought so hard to return to, and the new life I had hoped to create someday.

What weighs heaviest of all, though.. is Sarah’s life.

If only there was something more I could have done.

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