A painful ringing.

Kanta��_s head throbbed as he gasped back to consciousness. He sat up with a start in a pool of his own sweat. No longer in his armor, nor in the place he was on the floor, Kanta laid in his bed with a thin sheet over his body.

��_Father!��_ A younger kaldorei girl spoke up, dabbing a wet cloth on Kanta��_s forehead. ��_You��_re awake.��_

Kanta��_s vision slowly came back to him, his glowing silver eyes a paling in color in comparison to it��_s healthier status.

��_What happened?��_ He spoke up in a much raspier, dryer tone of voice.

��_Not sure��_��_ Alumni, Kanta��_s daughter, spoke as she pressed the wet cloth to his head again, pushing Kanta to lay back again. ��_Anarial and Alecks went to Darnassus to see if they can find a priestess.��_

Kanta grunted, his daughter knowing his dislike for healing magics. In this case perhaps it was not such a bad idea.

��_How are you feeling, An��_da?��_ She said, looking at her father with concern and worry. His daughter was a splitting image of a growing druidess. Her hair in random locks of braids entwined with flowers and vines that were glowing with life. She had truly embraced the lifestyle.

��_… Not sure yet, admittedly.��_ He ran a hand through his mane of hair, loose from it��_s typical ponytail. ��_I do not wish to stay in bed. Let me g –��_

Alumni narrowed her eyes. A look that damn near mimicked the look of her mother��_s, and Anarial��_s own stare of distaste for something.

��_… or perhaps I will stay in bed until Anarial returns.��_

��_I will make you some soup, father.��_ She said, letting the wet cloth rest on his head as she trotted off quickly.

Kanta sighed.

��_How interesting your daughter chose the path to walk, when you still cannot pry yourself away from a bow.��_

The voice rang loud and clear in Kanta��_s ears as he looked to the window, where the apparition stood once more. Kanta looked and stared at the ghostly blue appearance that what looked like his own father again took.

��_Alumni, did you hear that?��_ He said, testing the waters.

Alumni peeked from the door, and looked at her father.

��_Hear what? Did you call for me?��_ She spoke, curiously.

By the matter of the fact that his daughter looked around the room and not towards the spirit that stood there, and simply by her response it was obvious that Kanta was either hallucinating from illness or was being haunted.

Shit. He said to himself under his breath before shaking his head. ��_No, sorry. I thought your brother and Anarial were home. My mistake.��_

She smiled, before returning back to the stove.

Kanta peered at the spirit now, who had a bit of a smug look on his face.

��_As entertaining as this is to see you and your family, there is a reason that I am here.��_

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