The Marksman coughed heavily, removing his Sentinels tabard from his chest and leaving the bare, under armor of leather and cloth he typically wore underneath his chainmail vest. Smoke had begun to fill the cells of the Westgaurd barracks basement, and this lead to the prisoner Marksman to wait.

Typically, Thraeda would have been outside his cell door, to keep watch and sometimes chat in small amounts to him, but for whatever reason the Dwarf wasn��_t there, he could only assume that matters were needed elsewhere.

Kanta assumed the Westguard guards would let out him, right?

So Kanta waited.

And waited.


It was far too long, the amount of smoke and the buildup of flames just upstairs was making the building burn up. Kanta cursed loudly and called out, even banging on the cells to get attention.

��_To hell with this.��_ Kanta stated loudly, hoping someone would hear him as he raised hid boot and started kicking at the lock, rattling the doors loudly for all to hear aside from the distress outside.

The bars wiggled in place, not budging much due to their sturdiness of Westguard��_s keep, as well as not being that old of a jail. Everything was fairly well kept, and this only made it harder to break something.

He brought his boot up and kicked again. Harder, he had to break the lock.

A crack? No. A broken toe or heel. Break it.

Pain surged through The Marksman��_s foot as he put his full strength into the kicks, again and again, before eventually, perhaps due to sheer dumb-found luck to Kanta, the lock clicked and broke.

��_I��_m out.��_ Kanta thought, limping quickly up the stairs and holding the tabard close around his mouth and eyes, not daring to breathe more of the smoke in than he had to.

The town was in sheer chaos, guards rushing around to put out flames, some fighting the traitors that he could only assume were sided with Sielic.

The unarmed Sentinel stood still for a few moments, looking amongst everyone that fought and scurried. He stood there, a free man with plenty of room to run.

He was not that kind of soldier.

Kanta quickly took arm of a fallen soldier��_s sword and shield, gripping both tightly as he took flank besides a fellow soldier, parrying a blow with the shield and brought the sword down on the traitors before he could dispose of another guard.

While a shield was something Kanta was not adept with, he had used plenty in his days of Ashenvale. He used it to his best of blocking, smashing and surely breaking a few enemies with it.

Soon enough the flames quelled, and the traitors either dead, or ran off. A handful of guards had been injured, and just as many had unfortunately had fallen. Both the Templars and natives of Westguard had soon enough dispelled of the enemy, and head count was being taken. Kanta stood there amongst his allies quietly, not making mention of his presence before taking notice of a stern Dwarven face staring at him.

��_Thraeda.��_ Kanta spoke calmly, glancing back at the main building that remained partially smoldering, but otherwise standing. ��_Had to take a brief leave from the cell.��_

��_Oi, lad��_ I sure appreciate th��_ help as much as the next Dwarf, but ye��_ know what��_s comin��_ next.��_ She said, a brief look of distaste to have to hold the chains and manacles up in front of her.

Kanta frowned, but otherwise nodded. He placed both the sword and shield down on the ground and moved his hands in front of him, letting the Dwarf shackle his hands back up.

So much for freedom.


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