Broken chains and manacles hung from the Marksman��_s wrists loosely as he stood within the center of Westguard. The kaldorei had been granted temporary freedom by Koryander Emberstone, a longtime friend of Kanta��_s who had undying loyalty to the former prisoner.

She had spoken that she needed Kanta��_s talent to help find the Justicar. She had seemed hesitant when asking him initially, as though she had thought he had a bitter taste in his mouth about Arialynn��_s stance as his judge at the tribunal.

Kanta was not that vile of an elf.

He stood dressed in his full armor, and bow on his back. The quiver was stocked full of his own arrows that were hand crafted throughout the years. Some carrying sharper points than others, and some even having some runes carved into the wood of the arrows. He had learned several tricks of rune and scarce arcane magics to make an impact on his shots, but not enough to abuse it.

Many eyes were on the Marksman, both Templar and Westguard seemed to be wary of him being free, especially after so much trouble it had been to find out who the murderer of the Quel��_dorei Templar��_s daughter.

��_All eyes on me. Nothing new.��_ He said, voice dripping with sarcasm as he made way to his hippogryph kept at the nearby stables. The beast was eager to see the Marksman as it as a few chirps kept from the sharp beak of the majestic, feathered beast.

��_Alright old friend, we are the eyes in the sky once more.��_ He said, smoothing the feathers out. ��_We find Anarial first, then we look for Arialynn.��_

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