Moonglade��_s eternal night, the moon shining brightly over the tops of the trees, the moon shining through the branches and leaves. Some of the light shined down on Anarial and Kanta��_s home. Anarial, while still fairly upset with the ruling of her husband��_s removal from the Templars, was nothing but happy to be home. Having hugged each of the twins, her daughter, and granddaughter with regret for having been gone for so long. They had been gone for the last five weeks alone dealing with the issue of Kanta��_s tribunal. ��_How did it go?��_ Anarial��_s daughter, Lirial, asked, a frown on her face as Kanta had not come into the house yet. He had decided he needed some time alone, not even quite wanting to see his children yet. ��_Not well.��_ Anarial said, solemnly. ��_They discharged him entirely.��_ A frown crossed Lirial��_s face. She had known Kanta long enough to know him as a soldier. He had never left a project undone. Sure, he had taken a leave of absence and had tried to put in his retirement for several positions, but never discharged. Kanta Wildsabre, former marksman of the Templars of the Rose, sat outside by the training kits. Anarial and Kanta had put them up for use for themselves, and helping the children learn how to fight. A necessity in their world and culture. He rested his head back against the aged and cracked wooden dummy, hair undone from his typical ponytail. The long green and white mane unkempt over his face. The sentence rang through Kanta��_s ears many times. Arialynn��_s words falling over him and his former colleagues. The hush and shock that filled the room, some angry, some satisfied, and some even left to see why the Marksman had not been hanged for his actions. His actions were for his colleagues, his allies. He did not hunt for a primal need. He hunted for information to have kept the Templars safe, afterall. Every risk that Kanta Wildsabre had ever taken since his arrival in the Rose, was for his allies. Whether it was exploring an unknown threat or territory first. He had recently in the departure of Tanaan. He had been one of the first sets of scouts to set eyes on the Horde��_s march towards Theramore. He had done so when the Old God��_s creatures sprung up from the earth in Dragonblight, he was one of the first to arrive to report the news. He had stood as the eyes and ears over every Templar, assuring all was safe as he could allow. He had even once done his part to welcome in new pledges to the Rose. Something that he had not quite been sure why it had been appointed to him, but he welcomed in well known faces. Ones that had stood beside him. He bled for the Rose, he damn near died for it many times. Anger swept over him, slamming his head back against the splintered dummy as he peered up at the eternal moonlight of Moonglade. People who he considered allies, some even friends. A term that he did not use lightly. Some odd weeks ago Sielic had attacked Westguard, and instead of fleeing when the keep was set on fire when he had broken out, he stayed to help fight flames and traitors. Taking up arms against those that daredbetray them. He — ��_Dad?��_ Kanta��_s eyes darted in the direction of the voice, his youngest daughter stood there looking at him. Her hair, as green has his own in his prime, with a mix of flowers and various flora that made her hair stand out like a true druidess. The young kaldorei, Kanta��_s daughter, held an expression of worry and care for her father. She had overheard the news from inside, and had decided to step out to check on him. ��_Alumni��_ ��_ He said, trailing off before Alumni came to hung him closely, burying her head into his neck and holding him tight. Usually it was him doing the comforting, whether it was an issue in her training or whatever else that may have plagued her mind in bad thoughts. She was there to help him in his time of need. He needed this. He absolutely needed this. ��_At least��_��_ She trailed for a moment, breaking away only to look up at him. ��_You can take a break from it all for now? Maybe they will need you back one day��_ Dame Koryander will still come visit with Physsia, right?��_ She questioned. Kanta glanced down at her with a hint of sorrow locked in his expression. He let out a heavy sigh as he hugged her close. ��_Of course, Koryander is a friend��_ She did not seek for this to happen to me. She is still a family friend, I promise that to you.��_ He said, kissing the top of her forehead gently. ��_Go see Anarial��_ She is looking forward to seeing you, and get Alecks from his training session. Let him know we are home.��_ The young Wildsabre nodded, hugging her father��_s neck one more time before departing off to go find her twin brother, leaving her father alone to sit alone in the yard once more. Depression was settling in for Kanta, the feeling of being thrown away and discarded from the Templars. All the work he had put in. Was it all for nothing? He placed his face into his hands, rubbing at his eyes. He would not allow his family to see him like this anymore, he couldn��_t. He could not live the rest of his days wallowing in his own depression and sorrow. The Marksman began to stand, shaking off whatever feelings that lingered and took a deep breath through his nose, and exhaling through his lips. The Marksman looked back to his home, which held his family and his extended family. He knew he could not allow his emotions to drag down his family. He could not allow them to be affected by his wallowing. Bury it all. Like everything in his past, every negative emotion. At least until a harsh smack was brought to the back of his head. ��_Ow!��_ Kanta turned, half expecting it to be his son, and then looking face to face with his wife. ��_Don��_t.��_ She merely stated, staring at him angrily. ��_Don��_t what, Anarial?��_ He retorted. ��_You know exactly what. I understandwhat you��_re going through right now, and I cannot allow you to get inside your own head. You cannotwallow in misery. I will not let you.��_ She said, crossing her arms with almost a scowl on her face, but relaxed after a moment as she reached her hands out to Kanta��_s own. ��_You have me, you have your Yasu, Hypolyta, Alecks and Alumni. You have Lirial, her husband and my granddaughter. There will never be a moment in this family where you can just feel abandoned.��_ Kanta��_s heart sank, staring at her loving, caring eyes for a moment before breaking his eyes away to stare down at her hands, squeezing them in his own lovingly. ��_You are right.��_ He said, after a pause of silence and peered back at her face, looking into her eyes. ��_I cannot be so��_ careless to have these thoughts. To bury them. I have you and the children to care for.��_ ��_Of course I��_m right.��_ She said, a smug tone in her voice before wrapping her slender arms around Kanta��_s torso, hugging her tightly as Kanta returned the same affection in return. ��_I love you, Kanta Wildsabre.��_ She said, kissing him on his lips. ��_And I you, Anarial Mistglaive.��_ He returned the kiss, lingering there for a moment and just holding her in his arms, before she slowly pulled away. ��_Come, you should get dinner started. You know I can��_t.��_ She said, smirking and kept a hand entwined in Kanta��_s own, leading him back to the house. ��_I��_m sure the children will appreciate a well home cooked meal from their father afterall.��_ ��_Aye, perhaps you��_re right.��_ He said, with a chuckle, following Anarial in the home and shutting the door gently behind him.

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