Tears tracked down Jamethera’s face as she held her high ground in Darkshore. Although she had not lived there for years, Ashenvale was home. And the enemy had marched right through it.

Oh, doubtless her little hut–her mother’s home–was intact, out in the woods as it was. For now. But what did this mean? Where would this end? Would they ever get to go back? Was the enemy pushing for an objective or claiming territory or–what? What was this?

How many others would die?

Jam slid her glance over to her sister Lyestra, who was sprawled out on a makeshift cot. Ly’s husband, Bernard “Hazard” Wellbright, was kneeling beside her, healing the massive gash that trailed down the warrior’s left side–her weak side. Of course.

“I thought I told you two to be careful,” Jam hissed, trying to bury the heavy ball of fear in her gut somewhere within her rage.

“It’s like you don’t even know us,” Haz muttered, and Jam swore at his back.

Here it was again: everything Jamethera loved at risk. The anxiety clawing at her, freezing her, making her worthless–

“Jamethera.” A pair of strong arms wrapped around her from behind and the hunter choked back a sob. Illyana had made it, at least. Her wife was completely useless when it came to proper scouting work, but…Jamethera needed to know where she was. That she was safe. And vice versa, if truth be told.

“Illy.” Jamethera leaned into her a moment, then took a deep breath and straightened up.

“I don’t like what I saw out there..”

“Neither do I. I need to get back out there, but…” She gestured at Ly. “There’s this, and we’re separated from the defensive forces right now.”

“Well, once Ly is back on her feet we’ll regroup. Raji’s here,” Illy said, nodding towards her sister. “Two warriors, two paladins, and you. I think we’ll be okay.”

“I need to…get this report to someone,” Jamethera glanced down at the slightly creased roll of paper in her hand. “I’ll be right back. I think I’ll just call it in,” and she waggled her stone before stepping away a few feet.

Right, there were…things she had to do. She could have a breakdown later.

This was how she helped. 

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