Zetera sat alone on top of the mountain where Ana had taken her. She looked off into the distance, but that wasn�t really why she was here. She thought about that night and how she felt a sense of happiness she had not had in ages. Sadly, part of her couldn�t help but to think it wouldn�t last.

�What am I doing? Do I really think this is going to work out?� she said solemnly to herself looking down at her hand, remembering when she held hands with Ana. Zetera smiled and suddenly stopped caring about all the problems and just focused on the good.

The Legion will take her from you, and then they will take you. She will be your weakness and it will be exploited.

The voice split into her head. The moment was ruined as she suddenly came face to face with the Wraithguard she had killed to become a Demon Hunter. Her expression turned from happy to fury in a split second. She gritted her teeth and was ready to tear him apart for ruining her mood.

�Really? You�re usually just annoying, but why did you have to choose now to bother me?” She glared at him. “I destroyed you, and you are nothing.�

I will always be here waiting, and now you have given me something to-

Zetera, annoyed, interrupted him before he could finish speaking. �If you think you can use Ana against me, you have another thing coming. You, most of all, should know what happens when someone pisses me off. If the Legion touches her, I will show them just how terrifying I can be.�

Overconfident and bold as always, but your struggle is pointless the Legion is endless and in the end, all will serve.

�Keep telling yourself that, but I won�t let anyone take this from me.� And in that moment, she blocked out the Demon�s voice. She looked down towards where Ana and her spent most of the night, a smile returned to her face, and she realized all at once that she found something worth living for again.

Zetera sighs. �Now how am I supposed to top that first date?� she laughed to herself spending the rest of the night thinking about the next time she would get to see Ana. She had something to look forward to. Nothing was going to get in the way of that, not without putting itself in great peril.

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