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To Acele Walkinson,


It is time for the first step. We have assembled a small circle to begin — warriors, knights, armorers, seasoned soldiers of the field. Now it is time for our first mission. If you wish to make the request of the military in person, I can be present. I am certain that our dual presence will be convincing enough. If not, we will enact other measures, such as what I have outlined below.


Should this assist in negotiations, I have secured a proper training grounds and shipments of raw materials to smith proper armor for the Broken Shore to offset Alliance costs. I have also spoken with Templars with years' worth of credentials to stage training exercises — Templars whose experience, on presentation to any Alliance party, their readiness could not be doubted.


I can secure more leverage as needed ahead of our meetings. I am fully aware of the bureaucratic labyrinth that awaits us.



Lightbearer Arialynn Dawnfield

Justicar, Templars of the Rose

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