The first step, indeed. I have spoken with the other Grand Marshals in differing areas and they have agreed with our proposal. We can count on them for unspoken support should it be necessary to do this on our own. The next step will be more difficult; as it involves getting the support of the Council of Lords. No doubt you have heard of them. I am sure that to their suprise, I have requested an audience to discuss our proposal, and to apprise them of other matters. I am sure that you would volunteer to attend this … meeting with me, but I cannot allow it. If they take an interest in you, as they did Etsiyona, I fear that may cause more trouble than it would solve or prevent.

What I would like to have you provide me is the location of the training grounds, it's capacity, and the Templars willing to be the instructors of the … eh, advanced footman school. Also a listing of the cost in gold and resources to operate this facility for at least a six month period. With this information, I am confident that I can sway the Council to give us their support.


For the Light!
Acele Walkinson
Grand Marshal, Alliance Military Forces

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