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The following is delivered by crow to Drakku.

To Mister Drakku,

I know you worry and you used to come to the shop often to check on Ryo, so I thought writing you a letter would be a good idea. He’s with me and I know he’s in trouble. I don’t understand everything, but… I know he’s trying to do a good thing. But I’m also scared. Not of him, but of what might happen. He admitted he was out of control and I think I found a way to stabilize his Illidari tattoos at least for now, but I worry about what happened to his glaives. They’re not supposed to work like a death knight’s runeblade but maybe his did? He could lose control again, and put people in danger.

I guess I’m not very good at writing letters, I’m almost out of room on this page. I’m taking him to stabilize his tattoos and I hope that will help. I know how badly he lost control at the caverns. Then I’m going to try and get glaives for him. But after that, I want to help him. He told me about what he’s doing and I don’t think he’ll stop. I don’t think he understands he’s been doing it the wrong way. I’ve heard the rumors in the city… he’s terrorizing people. Innocent people. He’s going after some cultists that are kidnapping children, but… Anyway, I don’t know what they’re trying to do with them and Ryo doesn’t either, but I have a fel blood sample from one of them, so I’m going to try scrying. Maybe if we can meet, I can give you some and the other Templars can scry, too. Certainly a lot of cultists would be gathered in the place where the children are being kept, so scrying for a large presence of the same blood may be the key. Miss Bixink would certainly understand, and I think she could get further than me if we give her a blood sample.

I know he’s hurt people. I saw it, he brought some of them into my shop. I don’t want to be an accomplice! And I don’t want him to hurt the wrong people any more or hurt a Templar. But I’m trying to help. Drakku, can you help us, please?

– Idella

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