(the letter has a GM insignia styled wax seal on it)

Justicar Arialynn,

There were a disturbing series of events last night at Broken Shores that led to certain things coming to light. I have no choice but to put this in motion.

Enclosed is a copy of the orders I signed and put into effect as of this morning. As it concerns a member of the group you lead, I feel that you should be informed.

Grand Marshal Acele Walkinson

(inside is a very official looking sheet that reads out as follows)

1. Assemble a team of guardsmen well-versed in the handling and disposal of artifacts and relics pertaining to the Old Gods.
2. Have Captain Victor Blackwald lead them to the location of where he has them stored.
3. Sieze said items, and immediately destroy them or have them stored in the Vault in Stormwind for all time.

If Captain Blackwald is apparently leading the team astray, he is to be immediately put into custody upon suspicion of being an agent for the Old Gods, or under the influence thereof. Interrogation will be required if this becomes the case.

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