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The following is delivered by crow to Kageseji. Included is a sketched diagram of Ryo’s tattoos in their current dilapidated state. The drawing is decent and notably exaggerates a few muscles.


I’m with Ryo and I know he’s not on the… best of terms with the Rose right now. We’re trying to fix his Illidari tattoos. I think it will help him keep control. Right now, I have a theory that if he siphons the essence of infernals — the original type of demon be binded with — it will help him stabilize. Whatever happened to him, it was like a pebble in a pond. Infernals are also one of the least stable demons, so it makes sense that the right (or wrong!) kind of magic could interfere with the balance. Hopefully siphoning the essences of other infernals will help fill in the missing gaps!

But the problem is, I don’t remember what his tattoos used to look like. Not every detail, at least! He’s calmer but I can’t really tell if they’re getting better. Some days, they’re darker than others. I included a sketch of what he looks like now. I remember when you came by the shop to study his tattoos — is there progress? Do we need to remake them?

The crow can deliver your letter. I’m sorry I couldn’t come in person. We’re… kind of on the run but I hope once he stabilizes it’ll be safe to come back.

With love,


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