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Janderius was enjoying an unusually lazy morning in his own bed when Sielic’s letter arrived for him. His restful slumber was interrupted by Jamethera impatiently thwapping the side of his head with the envelope.


Without opening his eyes or lifting his face from the pillow, Jander merely responded with a muffled “….Buhuhffwzzznt?”

His lackluster response only resulted in more spirited thwapping.

“Okay fine! Shit! I’m awake, I’m awake!” The mage’s voice was still croaky from the sleepiness he had yet to shake off.

After finally squinting his eyes open, he looked up to see the huntress’s lean figure looming over his bedside.

“Love note arrived for you, think it’s from your boyfriend.” Jamethera finally stopped thwapping to give him a chance to answer, smirking down at him.

“… Which one?”

The elf cocked her head and peered at the envelope. “The one that’s trouble,” she decided, finally.

“Oh.” That did the trick. It was all Jander needed to hear in order to make him rise from the sheets and snap the envelope out of her hand. Despite the small amount of protesting from the other side of the bed, the mage took the letter without another word and staggered out of the room. He decided it was worth tending to this business from his desk downstairs.



It’s good to hear from you, fucker. My efforts are pretty evenly split between Westfall and the Broken Isles these days, but I’d be happy to make that trip. Where exactly am I headed?

Your ass,

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