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The following is delivered by crow to Zetera. Given her current unknown location, the crow may circle the area where she resides until she makes herself known. It carries a visible letter.


Do Illidari glaives work like death knight runeblades? I’ve never read anything to that effect in any books, but until the Illidari were freed from the Wardens, a lot of what was available had… well, gaps. So I wanted to check. Ryo’s glaives were destroyed in the caverns and that was the same night he lost control. I know I’m grasping here, but I just want to check.

Thank you. Also… I’m sorry. I know he’s done things that have put the Illidari in the Rose in a tough position. I know his intentions are all in the right place but his methods are… well, you know. I’m sorry to reach out to you like this. The crow can deliver your reply.

– Idella

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