My brothers and sisters,

Currently we stand at the precipice of our first challenge as a collective group. I will be direct so there are no misconceptions in what lies ahead.

One of our own has gone rogue and turned to the Legion.

I ask you to recall Kooth, the illiterate fellow tied to Mister Orebender. As you read this, he grows stronger in his magic and mind by the day, but he has made himself weaker. He has subjected himself to the Legion, and become little more than a pawn. I will not lie, they have given him power, but in return he has forsaken his will and integrity. Kooth now contributes to those that wish to see our world burn and its people slaughtered. We cannot allow this.

This is our first test as a coven, and one that will not be simple. If we can pull together, and follow through with a sound strategy, we will prevail.

Kooth awaits me in Outland and I am to meet him alone. I am no fool and know that united, a mere pawn of the Legion stands no chance. We must be clever, discrete and very swift in putting this plan into action. A mage will be aiding us, but Mister Orebender will not be. The objective is simple: capture, contain, transport to Wintergarde Keep.

If we fail, we are in danger. If we prevail, our place in the Templars is sealed and we show our strength and benefit.

Contact me as soon as possible and we shall begin.

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