The following is a transcript of my interview with Nikala Sunscryer, Death Knight and…

“That’s Necrotized Chevalier, if you please.”


“Necrotized Chevalier, not Death Knight. Not all of us go around killing all the time.”

I…very well, I apologize. Where was I…Nikala Sunscryer of the Templars of the Rose. You are a gnome, correct? You don’t see a lot of Death…er…Necro…um…gnomes in…your line of work. 

“What? I know of several gnome jewelers. Are you sure you’re really a journalist? You don’t seem to have done much research.”

No, not jewelers, I meant…the other thing. Necrotising…Cavalier. 

“Necrotized Chevalier, and that is not an occupation, it is a state of existence. You wouldn’t say your job is being a human, would you? You’d say you were a journalist, although that is questionable.”

Ah…true, point taken. Ah…let’s just move on, shall we? Sunscryer seems as odd name for a gnome.

“Is this what you do? Look for things about someone that strike you as odd and then point then out? It’s a family name. Goes back generations. The original Sunscryers were high elves, but the Sundering caused some sort of interdemensional rift and the entire family was scattered throughout time and dimensions.”

That’s…quite a story. 

“It was quite a Sundering.”

Er…yes. So, I understand you attended the College of Engineering in Gnomergon.

“That’s correct.”

With that education, what got you into jewelcraft?

“Well, although I graduated, I found that engineering just isn’t my thing.”

You finished last in your class, is that correct?

“So the one bit of research you actually did…”

Just trying to get the facts down.

“Whatever. It’s all a matter of point of view, really.”

How so?

“Well, for instance, we had an assignment to make something practical that had never been made before. I made this gorgeous twelve-gemstone tiara that automatically adjusted to whoever put it on. I got a D because it ‘wasn’t practical.'”

Well, did it do anything else?

“Anything else? What else did it need to do, shine your shoes? It was pretty! Pretty IS practical!”

Um…of course. So what do you do for the Templars?

“Well, I’m fairly new, so my role is still being defined. The other day I did help ascertain that some frog-people were not spies.”

Frog people?

“That’s what my Thermal Dynatigger said they were.”


“I didn’t do well in the Name Your Inventions class.”

So I gather.

“it’s not as easy as it looks, you know!”

Fair enough. What else?

“As I said, that is to be determined. I’ll probably make jewelry. Why else would they hire a jeweler?”

Good point. Are there advantages to being undead?

“Oh, yes. I never have to sleep – all that time wasted in my previous life! Don’t have to waste time eating, either. A friend of mine once told me, ‘Death – that’s no life.’ But I disagree.”

Almost makes one long for death.

“You’re getting closer to it with every stupid question, buddy.”

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