It was such a long. Walk. Back.

The lacing holding his splints together frayed, then split. Justice was quiet when the demon-tainted elf reappeared to brace his legs anew. Humans were strange enough, elves even stranger.

It was a relief to see the gates of Greywatch again. The charger heaved a great sigh, expelling fetid breath he�d forgotten he�d been holding.

He mostly only remembered to breathe when he needed to snort an opinion, these days.

There was a stir amongst the guards before they let him in. They knew Justice, of course�it was hard to miss the dead horse with the tattered barding of a paladin�s charger�but, well.

It had been awhile.

And someone was tethered in his place. Not just any someone either, but that impudent snot of a youngster, Valiant. Justice screamed his hoarse challenge and had the pleasure of watching Valiant nearly turn himself inside out jerking away from the sound.

But then the stupid golden pair of testicles pricked his ears and called a challenge back.

Oh no. This could not stand, not at all. Justice tossed his head and�well. He couldn�t charge. But he managed an indignant walk and reached over to bite Valiant firmly on the ass.

Valiant was all piss and vinegar with no spine, when it came down to it. And he�d already had�and lost�this fight, a dozen times over the years.

Well, make it a baker�s dozen. He grudgingly moved over as far as the tether would let him go. Justice took His Spot and glared mightily at Valiant any time the youngster so much as tried to lip at the grass.

Now it was just a matter of waiting until His Human came to visit with the cookies. Hopefully she hadn�t gotten in too much trouble in his absence.

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