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The sights and smells of the evening Stormwind streets were familiar. Shops entered their final hour before closing, street vendors had already shuttered their booths. The faint scent of the harbor carried into the city proper by the sea breeze, mixed with a tinge of smoke from the city’s more industrial districts. Every smell was heightened by the heat of summer but fortunately not left stagnant thanks to the sea winds that wove through a city aptly named.

Drawing to her home, Arialynn was greeted by two sights: One familiar and one not. The first was her son Taran, excited at her arrival and ready to tell her about his whole day. The second was a bouquet, a healthy Mageroyal bloom accompanied by roses and rimmed with glowing Silverthorn. Taran was more than happy to present it to his mother. 

“I didn’t get this but someone left it here for you!”

“Thank you, Taran,” Arialynn smiled at him, taking up the bouquet. She was quick to check it for both a card or potential hazards. She found it lacking both. Frowning, she took it inside, her hand clasped by her son, inwardly grateful to conclude the marathon of arduous meetings with Stormwind’s finest bureaucrats that were surely to pick up again in earnest tomorrow.

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