Justice considered it his job to guard the other horses. They were, after all, stupid creatures.

He was not, of course. Even before his unfortunate Deathcharger-ing, when his eyes had glowed with a holier light, he had been a notable individual.

Then again, by now, he was going on forty years old. Justice…had seen things.

His usual charges included Valiant, Ambrosine’s “no I’m not a Deathknight honest” living mount, Jaffar’s Blackjack, and an assortment of broodmares and foals. Most of them were no problem.

Except Valiant. Valiant…was always a problem.

With spring in the air and the first foals already on the ground, however, Justice was distracted. Babies were HIS FAVORITE, and he’d spent the entire morning trotting after little ones who were trying so very hard to GO FAST.

So he didn’t notice when Valiant jumped the back fence and high-tailed it towards the house.

(Literally high-tailed, his glorious white tail flying in the wind. Valiant was a very self-assured palomino.)

Valiant didn’t have any particular purpose to his wanderings, he just enjoyed getting out. Staying home made him restless–Ambrosine took Justice almost everywhere these days, in large part because if he got disemboweled by a demon it was a minor inconvenience.

But Valiant didn’t understand the finer points of logic, he just knew he needed some mischief to create some adventure in his life. And this is how he found himself sticking his head into the kitchen through an open window.

And there were muffins cooling on the counter. It took some work, but Valiant was young and fit and flexible, for a horse, so he managed to wedge enough of his head and neck inside that he was able to nick the nearest one.

It wasn’t a carrot muffin, but it had blueberries, so Valiant was content as he trotted away with a full mouth. Crumbs dropped steadily behind him.

…and then Justice noticed. He stomped a foot and SQUEALED, one stallion challenging another. Valiant immediately spun around and bolted for the far side of the farm.

Unfortunately for him, Justice didn’t get tired. Also unfortunately for him, he knew he couldn’t clear the exterior fence, and ended up getting nipped in the hindquarters until he was back at the pasture. Now Valiant was tired, and sweaty, AND he had to hop back over the fence AGAIN.


Justice delivered one more sharp nip, just to prove a point. He kept an intense stare in Valiant’s direction up until the other horse grudgingly laid down for a nap.

Sometimes this job was annoying. …he’d have stolen a muffin too but he couldn’t even TASTE it. 

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