There have been many long discussions in the past regarding demons and their place in our world, but I stand with the majority. Simply put, they do not have a place. They are not our friends, allies, nor our pets. Anyone who believes differently typically meets a very grizzly end.


For example, I once knew a fellow that regarded his demons rather sympathetically. This was not the sort of warlock that had mastery and control over more powerful demons. In fact, he had only been capable of summoning an imp and voidwalker. Whatever control he might have boasted had been fragile at best, and too often he had been the one to roll over and show his belly.


No matter the height and power of the demon, the warlock in control must be capable of showing, or at least convincing the demon, that they are more powerful.


Returning to the subject of my past acquaintance. He had once said that his demons were �friends and helpers�, and no matter how I tried to convince the fool, his mind was set. Instead, he continued trying to convince me by showing off his demons baking capabilities and imps playful theatrics. After that night, I did not hear from him. Upon investigation into his home a week later, we found him sprawled on the kitchen table, choked on a soup ladle and rotting.


This acquaintance of mine did not have the strength nor fortitude to properly subject his demons to his will. Contrary to what some believe, subjecting a demon to warlock�s will is absolutely not similar to training a dog or breaking a horse. In the instance of dog training, the trainer will often punish a dog for bad behavior and reward them for good behavior. Simply put, obey and you will be rewarded. Disobey and you will be punished.


Demons are often seeking a way to exploit or destroy any individual. Giving them the option to be good and get rewarded gives the impression that their obedience can be bought. Fel magic is not mercenary in nature, though. The demons under a warlock�s control must know one principle: obey.


There are no ifs, ands, or buts involved. There are no negotiations and there are no rewards. It is simply obey, and to maintain this principle, the warlock�s will to control must be stronger than the demon�s will to resist.


It is often because of these necessities that more powerful and skilled warlocks tend to be charismatic, cunning, and manipulative. Their ability to exert their will and control over demons tends to grant them the same boons when dealing with people. This is contrary to the grizzled and ugly appearance and nature that stories often paint for the general public. Albeit, most warlocks can contribute this general idea of warlock appearance to Gul�dan. He may be powerful and excessively dangerous, but no one is crediting him for being a welcome sight to the eyes.

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