I have booked passage north in the hopes of finding some sort of peace. Perhaps I will even lose these so called �witch hunters� long enough to heal and rest these weary bones. At the very least, I can turn my thoughts to something other than what might be lingering over my shoulder.


For now, my solace is this hammock in the hold of an Alliance ship. Their generosity has been a refreshing change, and I feel as if this is the first time in a long time that I have been able to eat until I felt stuffed. They even offered me medical supplies to treat the lacerations on my arms, but nothing can be done for the impact bruise on my chest and abdomen. I have thanked the Light several times as well for the fact that I have no broken or cracked bones. I must be content that I am only battered in my encounter.


My condition has left me to wonder about the state of my body and the application of fel magics. There have been tales told of people on the front lines that use conjured fire to cauterize wounds in a pinch. While shaman, priests, and paladins are capable of this feat, they are better suited to simply healing themselves. Magi, however, are often the ones that resort to this sort of treatment when it is necessary, and most warlocks.


Most is the operative word in that phrase given the difference in a warlock�s fire magic. Many are very capable of passing themselves off as a simple fire mage given the red flames they are capable of conjuring. It is basic science that tells us the color of the flame often tells of the purity while arcane theory can base the color upon the source.


Note: do not cast fire in a room of heavy particle density.


Now, this is not to say that it is all mage or warlock fire can be determined by the color. Areas  of a certain particle density can decrease the purity the fire through burning contaminants. I believe that the purity of the conjured fire of a warlock is significantly decreased due to the power source.


There lies the largest dividing factor between the �how� in both practices of magic. This is an aside from the demons. Magi conjure by distorting and bending what is reality to their will. Warlocks draw power from the fel and demons. Given the manipulation from matter that is already present allows for a certain purity of skill for the magi. It should be noted that not all warlock magic is heavily steeped in the taint of fel and demons on the apparent level. Some magic is so minutely tarnished that it can be hard to differentiate a mage from a warlock upon observation of spell casting.


However, warlocks like myself have a more difficult time concealing ourselves when we enter the fray. We bear the very distinct traces of fel corruption in our magic as soon as our green fire lights up the area. Reverting to science again, only chemicals and certain compounds have produced a green flame. In an open environment with reduced contaminants in the air, the fire itself is pure. This is based upon the minimal production of smoke and residue when burning rather than the source. The scent of �fire and brimstone�, as some refer to it, is often reduced as well. I will note that when I had conjured red flames, as a warlock, the vague scent of sulfur was often present. In my current capabilities, the scent has decreased. I am not stating that early in my time as a warlock that I could make a battlefield smell like a barracks after boiled egg night. It was a trace scent, but one that has become even less noticeable.


This is all speculation, of course. Perhaps I will dare to compare my own magic versus the power of a warlock that can still conjure red flames. I would like to know what the true differences are besides color. Are my spells more potent? Does fel fire burn hotter? What is the rate of deterioration of an individual casting the green fel fire? Albeit, I would not so eagerly test the latter.


There are rumors that this corruption can be purged from the caster. I know entertaining the idea is a fool�s venture though. Fel corruption is permanent, and one only needs to look to the orcs and Sin�dorei to fully understand this fact. Though if fel corruption is keeping me blocked from the arcane I once knew, could the supposed purge restore a connection?

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