It can be difficult, at times, to digest the nature of fel magics and their inner workings. Personally, I feel it is easier to explain away the arcane being that it can be broken down into less profane terms: manipulation of what already exists in reality.


Creating friction between trace substances in a given, focused location creates fire. Manipulating a space to draw out heat and all of its sources creates cold, cold simply being the absence or lack of heat. Duplicating the actions of one�s self and replicating it over different planes in a set area that transfers and projects into the same reality.


I have no doubt that if I had stayed with the Kirin Tor, I would have made quite the name for myself. Alas, life has a way of resulting in something completely different, and here I sit looking at this object.


The soulstone is a simple creation similar to health stones. Fel energies are used to manipulate matter into a spheroid crystal, though health stones are almost amorphic. The creation is not complicated, but the application of the intended purpose can present issues if not handled properly.


Note: think of a better name for health stones.


It is said that when a person dies their soul passes on, but I have not yet died to say this is for sure. Speculations upon an afterlife seem to be just that, but a soul is real and can be manipulated. If you happen to be the sort of person that is combing through my journal, understand that my terms are technical and as objective as possible. If you are the person skimming through these pages wishing to know whom I think about when I twirl my hair, you are reading the wrong journal.


And I do not twirl my hair. Continuing with my line of thought�


Manipulation being any sort of action that alters the natural course for the object in question. In this instance, it is a soul. Rather than letting it progress to the beyond as it should, a skilled warlock is able to bind it to the created object. This is not to say that a warlock is limited to the spheroid crystal they create, but it merely provides convenience. Other objects can be bound and this leads to other possibilities.


Can a soul be fragmented and bound to several objects? Yes, I believe so, but the process of shattering ones soul presents other complications. To commit to such an act, I theorize, would lead to the weakening of the warlock physically, mentally, and in their powers. Regardless of what many believe, the soul is quite a powerful object and the process of collecting them can enhance the magical abilities of a person.


Note: I do not engage in soul reaping activities.


Can the soul be bound to something mundane and inconspicuous? Yes. Take the phylacteries of the lich as an example. Soulstones and phylacteries work by the same principals. However, the object that is being used for soul binding must be infused with a certain level of fel energies in order to function as intended. I return to the convenience of the conjured crystalloid spheres. Not only are they easily accessible, they are created of fel energies that allow for the proper binding and storage. This is not to say that any warlock can perform this task with complete success, and so I am led into the current situation with the Templars.


I have little information on the matter, but there are a number of possibilities to explore. It could be, perhaps, that too much fel energy was infused into the object. Energy is not something that is simply destroyed but transfers from one place to another. It is entirely possible that if excessive energies were placed into the soulstone they transferred to the person in which it was bound. This can result in corruption and an alteration on many levels.


I would also like to explore the possibility of demonic cohabitation. Improper usage of fel magics without a maintained balance in the creation of a soulstone can invite a demonic presence into the host body before the stone�s magic is consumed. There is even the possibility of a demon invading the host body during the time of death and simply waiting for the reactivation by soulstone


They are sneaky bastards.


I will need to retrieve more details from this other warlock soon to come to any solid conclusion. In the meantime, I will continue to groom until I can at least appear to be in top condition.


I cannot help but also return to the internal conflict I wage every so often. Shamefully, I am one of those warlocks that has bound themselves to a soulstone, but often I think of breaking it. When the time comes that the world is done with me, should I truly be the one to dictate my end or leave it to fate? Perhaps it would be better to pass without intervention, but I have not yet had the nerve to shatter my soulstone.

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