Officer’s Journal Entry #1214

My request for a frontline transfer has been approved. In the coming month or so, I will be leaving Stormwind. Leaving all the politics and the desk that has been my … my cell for so many months. I cannot say that I will miss it.

At a recent meeting of the Grand Marshals, a plan was brought up to use one of the Skymarshal ships as a mobile high  command post. The intention behind it is to decrease our response time to any crisis or incidents involving hostile forces. By putting us in a position to observe and change tactics from above, it can only work to our advantage on the battlefield. I objected to this idea, being that most if not all of the high command would be on a single ship; taking that ship out would literally cut the head off of the Alliance forces. I was … reassured that could not happen, given the defenses the ship has, and the gnomish copter escorts as well. I am not convinced this is a good idea.

The reports that are sent my way from the scouts in Tanaan continue to trouble me. A reduced Legion presence, along with the stockpiles of supplies, vanishing seemingly overnight? Also with no signs of portal use as well. If they can come and go as they please without any traces, then I fear that no where will be safe from them. What could they be planning? An offensive into another world, perhaps easier conquered than our own or Draenor? I spoke at length with Arialynn of the Templars about just this, and her questions just added to the many that remain. As far as we know, the motivations of the Legion seem to be few. To conquer, enslave, and kill. None of the other GMs that I spoke with when presenting these reports and my own misgivings at our meeting could give any illumination into the Legion’s next move. Only that we all feel that it will be soon. Light be with us when they do, I know that we will need it in the times ahead.

I have signed General Order #92.
It details plans for aquiring knowledge of the gates that the Legion uses, and if possible for us to pass through and bring the fight to them. I am aware that the possibility of fel corruption is great among the researchers, but the danger of not knowing where or when the Legion may strike again I feel is greater. Warlocks would be the preferred choice in these times, as they alone are able to control and generate the fel energy that drives the gates and may give some insight into how the Legion functions as a whole.

The Legion is aptly named; their numbers are almost beyond counting. They could simply overrun all of us with little effort. Why are they so interested in Azeroth? What makes our world stand out among the vast numbers that are in the universe?

Once we find the answers to these questions, I have no doubt that we will be able to defeat them once and for all here, and bring the fight to their own worlds.

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