Officer’s Journal # 1138

I’m sitting here in my office, putting my signature on parchment. Always signing off on something. Or stamping a proposal by one of my senior officers. Or using my GM seal on wax for official orders to be distributed. Not out in the field, where the shouts of men and women mingle with the clash of sword and shield; the chanting of healers as they restore the wounded to full health, or the sharp retorts of thunder from the magefolk as they work their destructive magics. I have spent my entire youth and adulthood in the field, only to be rewarded with a desk and a chair, and endless parchments to sign and put my mark on. I wonder sometimes, is this a better life? Only a sane man would say yes. Here, there is no risk of getting run through by a sword, pierced by an arrow, or incinerated by a spell. Yet I still long for the times of my youth. Everything seemed much simpler then.

“And this one, sir.” Waterson hands me yet another sheet of parchment for my perusal. I briefly read over the writing, and putting quill to ink, put my signature on the bottom. He takes it, and hands me another. I look at it, then blink. I read it slower, and look up at him questioningly.

“Sir, it *has* been quite some time since you made any inspections out in Icecrown. Especially since you gave the Templars leave to maintain the Westguard garrison and keep.”

“Yes, yes. They were without a home since …. since Theramore was destroyed. I remember, Waterson. I trust that you will be joining me, then?” I inquire.

Shaking his head, he responds. “No sir, I have … duties here that require my full attention. I’m sorry, sir.”

Eyeing him for a moment, I nod in acceptance. “I’m sure that you’ll be able to keep our office in order while I’m gone, then. How is that young noblewoman that I’ve seen you around lately? She looks quite fetching.”

Waterson lowers his head and grins before speaking. “Her name is Fionoula Brun, sir. And yes, we’re …. I’ve been seeing her on a regular basis.”

“Good, good.” Lowering the parchment to the desk I continue. “Make sure you take good care of her. A fine woman like that is hard to come by. And summon Knight-Champion Etsiyona, will you ? I’ll need to speak to her about … accompanying me on this inspection.” I pick up the paper and wave it in the air, grinning.

‘I will sir. And yes, sir.” Waterson snaps a salute and leaves, closing the door behind him.

I lean back in my chair with an alarming creaking sound, but I pay it no attention. It has been through much worse times than now. Lifting a hand to my chin, I stroke the greying goatee there. Icecrown. Not quite the place I would want to go willingly, but duty calls. The memories in that time of my life are not pleasant, nor can I ever forget them for as long as I live. I shrug, and tell myself that we will only be there for a few days and back home again. Back into the office, with all the papers. It’s better, this life I have now.


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