‘I can recall how it looked to watch the Alliance colors lift from the box. While its container crashed quickly to the sea, the cloak itself fluttered in the air and took its precious time falling into the white caps. Though it was an inanimate object, I felt like it was both taunting me and the memory of Adrian was waving good-bye.


I would be a liar if I said I did not feel the urge to leap off that cliff to chase after that cloak. Letting go is often one of the hardest things a person can do, especially when there is so much to hold an individual in place. I often have to remind myself that this is a new life, and I can no longer allow this behavior.


There is no denying that I am the cause of the majority of obstacles in my path. Most of them have been so firmly set due to my own reluctance and fears to realize my full potential. These worries, however, are not irrational in nature, and time and time again the world has witnessed the destruction that has been wrought at the hands of warlocks. Albeit, I have come to understand that if I let my fears continue to hold me back, my life will be wasted and be for naught. I must rise above the potential for corruption and cast off the remnants of my former life in order to progress.


I know where to start.’


Esreiella set her pen on the desk�s top and lifted her soulstone from an unassuming wooden container. It glowed with an eerie violet hue and the sensation of fel magic radiated from the little orb.


She rolled it around in palm with all of the laziness of one putting off a task. Her lips pursed to the left and right as she gazed at her reflection in its shining surface while rising from the chair. Once at her full, unimpressive height, the warlock flipped her hand over in such a casual manner that the action could have been accidental. The soulstone made short clack on the hardwood floor, but before it could roll away, she brought the heel of her shoe down upon it.


Ghastly wisps of magic slipped from the shards and rose into the air like cigarette smoke. Soft, unintelligible whispers filled her study before they sank into her figure. Esreiella gasped as the odd sensation momentarily overwhelmed her senses, but she was determined to shake off the feeling.


�Such petty devices.�

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