I am writing to inform you of the recent Unbroken mission. The involved parties were Etsi, Victor Blackwald, Sage Hopesong, Keleosha, and myself. As you may already know the goal of the mission was to clear the Argent Tournament Grounds in the hope to use them as a training facility for new soldiers. The mission was, in the end, a success but there are several things I feel should be brought to your attention.


First, we may have an issue with the jousting field. Several explosives were used to close Nerubian tunnels and the strength of the explosive was not properly labelled. These were created by Zen and I have already spoke to him about a possible numbering convention to avoid this issue in the future. We will either need a large amount of manpower or possibly some Shamans to fix the crater.


Second, there was a large number of ghouls on the grounds. This is typically a sign of a necromancer at work. The team and myself fear that this may have been a rogue Cult of the Damned sect in the area. Blackwald was instructed to scour the area after we had finished clean up to look for anything that might suggest their presence.


Lastly, and perhaps the most troubling event, more Nerubian tunnels were found as well as actual Nerubians. Three large ones escaped us but not before we stole valuable intel from them. It would appear that the Nerubians are moving to take all of Northrend for themselves. I would suspect they may come back to the Tournament Grounds in the future and may be something we need to have extra guard for. To that end, I have asked some of the Unbroken to stay and help for security purposes.


Kristiell Swiftraven

((The report would include a copy of the battle map attached.))

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