Valiant let out a pitiful whinny when he sighted Ambrosine.

“Val, you goober, what–” She lifted her gaze, but could only spot a flash of golden hide behind Justice’s blocky head and long-suffering expression.

Her heart seized. She was seeing things, surely. There was no possible way he had–there had been so many demons–

it was such a long ways a away

but she’d left him?

hadn’t he



He called out to her, stomping one hoof imperiously. Not even death dulled his desire for cookies.

Justice bore the whole ordeal with grace. It was hardly the first time Ambrosine had gone through the “throw arms around neck, sob uncontrollably” routine. She’d done it a lot when–

Even horses avoid dwelling on being killed and forced into a dark rebirth.

that had happened. So he simply stood, steady and patient, until she got it out of her system. And then he quietly arched his neck over her shoulder and began plucking the treats from her back pocket.

It didn’t matter that he couldn’t taste them. It mattered that Valiant squealed and danced and snorted and bared his teeth but dared do nothing.

When he’d crunched every last one to bits, Justice sighed heavily and nuzzled Ambrosine, who was now a collapsed heap at his feet.

It was okay, now that he was here.

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