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(( Related: Coven of the Black Rose. The following is on my WoW warlock, Idella VanBelle. ))

Lit by a single candle, Idella VanBelle chewed on her lip as she worked. Spread across the library table were several maps, each of Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, or both. She scratched notes into parchment with her ink-stained fingers: key destinations, rest stops, a supply list, and more. Finally finishing her task, she smiled congenially at the gaunt librarian who waited at a desk lit by a flickering lantern. As she ducked out the keep library, he nodded with a practiced patience and locked the door behind her. The young warlock the final reader to depart the Stormwind library.

Taking in the night air, Idella thought through recent events. She was bolstered by a sudden sense of adventure and excitement, the first in ages. Apprehension came quick on its heels, but just as the heel of her shoes ground into the pavement on her way back to her shop, she clamped it down.

I got this, she told herself. She’s gone and I got ahold of myself. I’m no one’s apprentice now.

“Yep!” she declared aloud to Stormwind’s night streets. A passing guard glanced curiously at her and the young witch flushed a deep red.

“H-hi there!” she managed, then quickly ducked around the corner in hopes of heading off the rest of her embarrassment. It was too late. Heat still rose to her face and she tried to giggle away her nerves. Well, I’m mostly ahold of myself. Mostly. Face flushed, Idella tried to hide her blush with a tuck of her head and dedicated gaze to the ground.

Walking streets lit by torches and the occasional night’s watch, Idella mused: Who could be the ward of the Coven? Be its counterweight, ambassador, and safeguard? What Light-wielder was up for the task? Mentally, she counted the Light-wielders she knew and blinked when she came up fairly empty. Chewing her lip, she mused aloud: “Guess I got to get out and get to know people.” This time, only the vermin were her audience, hardly worth a blush. A pair of rats scurried ahead her footsteps, barely inciting a rise from the young girl. She walked the streets, taking the longest route home, her mind anywhere but the tamed cobblestone roads she walked.

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