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To the Blood of the Rose,

Zasheena’s murderer has been found and confessed to the crime. I regret to report that it was a Templar: Marksman Kanta Wildsabre. This is not his first time spilling your blood. The Templars now move to convene a tribunal with all evidence of her murder and the Marksman’s intent. His fate will be decided from there.

I ask for both the presence and prominent role of Bloods in this tribunal. You are also invited to speak with him prior to the proceedings. The Marksman is permitted no other visitors aside from Sage, the mother of the victim, and select Templars and Bloods involved in the tribunal. Until the tribunal commences, he is imprisoned at Westguard keep.

The whereabouts of Zasheena are unknown to the Templars. But given her current lean towards revenge, it may either begin the path of healing for her now that her murderer is known or stir more wrath. Knowing her state of mind is vital. If you have any word of her whereabouts, let it be known. She is the missing victim of this accused crime.

I await word at Westguard and have begun preparations for the Marksman’s tribunal.


Lightbearer Arialynn Dawnfield

Justicar, Templars of the Rose

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