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(( The following is from my WoW warlock, Idella VanBelle, addressed to the leadership of the Rose and sent to Westguard Keep. It’s magically sealed and also closed with a pressed waxen seal. The handwriting is clean but with detailed flourishes on certain letters, as if written by a formally trained hand. ))


I know I’m not the most prolific magic user in the order, but I met a man by the name of Vildron Feldrake in Stormwind. He came to my shop inquiring about Templars of the Rose. He’s a practitioner of fel magic, much like me, but far more skilled in its studies and uses in combat. He’s seeking allies. He seems to share a lot of the same qualities we look for in acceptable warlocks for the order. I promised to send a letter of introduction and he should be arriving in Westguard very soon.

He may inquire about Mister Murdhoc and I assure you that he only learned of him because I made mention. He asked about the history of warlocks in the Rose and Mister Murdhoc readily came to mind. I didn’t give any details because truthfully, I don’t know them, but rumors of his incident did reach Templar ears in Stormwind. I hope that he is well and he didn’t bring any harm to others.

If there are any questions about my introduction or Mister Vildron Feldrake, I can answer them. I plan to travel to Westguard very soon with fresh alchemic supplies and herbs.

– Idella VanBelle

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