Fateshifter Industries, Ironforge


The red hot liquid metal seethes as the fires burn and pillows blow.  The noise and red tinted glow of the active smeltery stands in stark contrast to the darkness and silence of the rest of the metal working facility within Zen’s company.  It was the weekend and roughly two in the morning, Ryo was certain the facility would be empty at this time.  Getting in was a trivial matter, the access code Zen had gave him previously still worked to open the doors and disable the security sensors.  Ryo found himself wondering –“Did Zen forget to disable my code, or is this his way of helping me without drawing the suspicions of the other Templars?”-  It doesn’t really matter, either way Ryo would be done soon.  A green light flashes indicating the metal is ready.  With the flip of a switch the molten metal is poured into the molds and begins to cool.  


The sound of fluttering of wings draws Ryo’s attention.  Moon the owl perches on the back of a nearby chair.  Ryo nods to acknowledge his avian companion, but says nothing.  Instead the owl is the first to speak.  “So… Idella isn’t around anymore.”  She comments idly.  




“Did you two fight?”


“I don’t think so…”


Moon tilts her head thoughtfully.  “Then why did she leave you?”


“It was for the best I suppose.”  He replies, but doesn’t truly answer.




Ryo sighs.  “Being on this mission with me was dangerous for her…  It’s best she went back to her shop…”


Moon tilts her head the other way looking more confused than before.  “How is that best?  You can’t protect her if she isn’t with you, and she can’t help you if she’s not around… her presence alone makes you much more calm and focused even I can see that.  Plus she’s really good at–”


“It just is Moon!”  Ryo interrupts. He checks molds the metal has almost cooled but it still needs more time.


“You don’t sound sure of that Ryo.”




“Perhaps… if you talk to her she might come back?”


“That is unlikely Moon.”  


“Do you not care about her anymore?”


“OF COURSE I DO!” Ryo snaps!  His voice echos through the empty building.


Moon recoils in fear, shrinking down try to make herself look small.  


“I… I’m sorry Moon.”  He looks away.  “I shouldn’t have yelled.”


The owl relaxes a bit but still seems fearful.


For several long minutes Ryo works in silence shaping his new glaives, sharpening the blades and fitting the fel capacitors he and Idella created using her soul well and the essence of the infernal they slayed.  The capacitors would allow Ryo to channel fel energies from his body into the blades increasing their power greatly.  It would also act as handy means of keeping himself from overloading on fel energy… well at least until the capacitors themselves became overloaded.


“So… just you and me then?”  Moon asks.


“Yeah… just you and me… versus the Legion, the Fel touched, and possibly the Templars.”


“… I don’t like our odds.”


Ryo shrugs.  “Frankly… I don’t either…  If… if you…”  He looks away clearly struggling to speak what he’s trying to say.  “If you need to leave like she did… I understand.”


“No!  We’re partners Ryo!”  Moon states defiantly.  “We’re the best hope of saving those kidnapped kids right?”

Ryo nods as he rubs his face with a bit of cloth refusing to face Moon for the moment.  “Yes… yes we are.  We’re done here.”  Ryo tries out his shiny new glaves experimentally and nods approvingly.

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