I bid my family goodbye today to return to the Templars.  We’ve rebuilt everything we could in our section of our fine city and it was time to once again lend my talents to the Alliance and the battlefronts.

I arrived at the gates of Ironforge and a noble Dwarven hunter named Jorinak and his bear Bjarn met me.  As fate would have it he was a member of the Templars and I asked him how to find Lady Arialynn Maewood.  

Jorinak gave me a ride all the way to the Howling Fjord and my spot in the sidecar was perfect to splatter a few Doomsayers with stink balloons.  It felt good to get back to pranks.

I discovered the Justicar had married in my absence and she is supposedly pregnant with twins. I’m not buying that excuse and in fact I’m convinced she swallowed a gnome! 

The Justicar sent me on an immediate mission with Professor Flipswitch Togglebutton and many other Templars to crack a cypher in some old temple grounds in the middle of the desert.

My strudel and cold water made me a few friends.

It’s good to be back in action though I miss a lot of my old friends.

— Spiff Tinkerton

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