A warrior, clad in shimmering dark purple and blue armor, rode swiftly through the gates of Stormwind up from Elwynn Forest.  A dark spiked helmet hid the face of the rider and only added to the intimidation many felt as she rode past.

Her horse galloped with methodical precision, having been tested itself alongside the battles the warrior must have seen in her lifetime.  Her muscles were well toned and the glowing green fel marked energy of her twin blaades gave an aura of strength off as she rode past many of the townsfolk.


Many times she had other errands to do in town but today she was visiting someone she had not seen in a long time. 

It was only recently that Jenara Baymont had come out of retirement with the legion once again threatening those she loved and cherished.  The time to raise her children from the sidelines had passed as Azeroth’s most noble heroes were once again needed to stop the growing threat the demons provided. 


Arriving at the cemetery near Stormwind Cathedral, she dismounted from her horse and tied him to a stable post before winding her way through the maze of headstones and flowers.  A few moments later she came upon the gravesite of Roger Baymont and came to a stop. 


Standing there for a moment, still clad in full armor, she looked down at the ground.  She slowly removed her helmet, exposing her freckled ginger haired face to the world as she smiled softly and sadly at her husband’s final resting spot. 

A few tears began to form at the edge of her eyes and she felt the usual pit of sadness begin to grow in her stomach. 


The cruel unfairness of a world that allowed her to find her soulmate and marry him only to lose him 4 months later.  The sadness of knowing her children never met their father, the man who taught her to love. 


“Kiara and Mikal couldn’t come this time, it’s just me, but….they send their love.  They make you proud every day Roger.  Kiara is doing very well in her studies at school and she has spoken of following in your footsteps to pursue a future in the magical arts.  She looks very much like me these days, of course she has your black hair.  Your son has been letting me teach him some fighting moves and he is bugging me in the smith shop to let him forge a set of armor for further practice.  He is quite adept at hand to hand combat and did I mention, his smile and the way he looks at me is a daily reminder of you…the man I miss so very much.”


She paused at the last part, wiping tears away.  She takes a moment to compose herself before continuing, “I try to be strong…for them.  I put on a brave face knowing this deadly force wants to eradicate our way of life, but it’s not easy.  I guess it never is.  I just wish I could have had more time with you.  I wish you could see this beautiful family we created together.  Our children are growing so fast but in such a way that makes me proud as a mother. “


Clearing her throat, her tone changed a bit, “Speaking of mothers, mine asked if I ever planned on moving on to find love again and the truth is I’ve been too busy getting back into fighting shape and raising the kids to even give much thought to that. I know you’d want me to move on, to stop hurting but the truth is even if I were to move on, your memory will always be there. The pain I feel from you leaving me…leaving us…..too soon, will always be with me, no matter what.”


As she sat, her thoughts strayed back to that day when Khatachumen, Lunaura, Anthonia, Abron and so many others of the Crusaders Of The Lost came to visit her in Ironforge, bearing the news.  She relived the pain and sorrow of that moment once again and a fresh set of tears fell.


“Everyday…….is a fight to get through life without you Roger.  I miss you more and more as time passes.  I’ve raised the twins as best as I could to be a young woman and man you would be proud of.  I just wish you could be here.”


Jenara stood and looked down one last time, “I will always love you…..”

With that she placed the helmet back on her head, thankful it was covering another stream of tears and she mounted back up for the ride back to Elwynn.  

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